Login Details

Details of how to login as a student into the application

Login Link ?

The first thing you as a student need to know is your login details and the link to login. LOGIN HERE

The process of changing password

Its important to change password details , so below are the images and few guides to enable you change your password. 

  • Login into the application
  • on the top bar click change password
  • Enter the current password and the new password your want to change
  • Click save and continue.
Must your password be changed

Yes its very important that your password be changed to enable you have privacy of the information that drops on your dashboard. So please take it as a responsibility to change your password..

How to login into the Application

Visit the website at www.nurserypinkandblue.com. Go the the button below at the middle of the homepage and click on Parent Login

Parent login Download Current timetable

Student Login Details

We will be updating the records as students details is sent to us or received on the form provided. Or please fill the form on this link. FORM

Name of StudentUsernamePasswordClass
Amiola Oshostd15oim0gNursery 1
Mateo Taanstd2tg2xvbNursery 1
Naomi Markarstd39z4h6zNursery 1
Jeremy Soraestd4gqmwfzNursery 1
MofiyinfOluwa Ojostd58cgek5Nursery 1
Thea Ohannessianstd7z52a79Nursery 1
Jerifeolu Phillipsstd21n1pdeqNursery 1
Muhammad Azaanstd23xk5yq0Nursery 1
Andrew Tabetstd24d2nay1Nursery 1
Daniel Iyk-Edwinstd6rucjtaNursery 2
Joseph Osobasestd8wirfbsNursery 2
Tirenioluwa OwodunniTireni041916Nursery 2
Celia Abdel Ahadstd10celine1234Nursery 2
Oluwasetemi (Setemi) Arowolostd11sp0mscNursery 2
Emily Bastermadjianstd13onr2phNursery 2
Mayo Adewalestd152xnnisNursery 3
PANAGIOTIS Oikonomoustd16lcgzbbNursery 3
Michael Habibstd178u2nz1Nursery 3
PANAGIOTIS Oikonomoustd18tgkialNursery 3
Menaha Sharmastd19menaha2011Nursery 3
Melina Ghadbanstd20melina2020Nursery 3
Antonio Oguikestd12uyo2duNursery 3
Sefeolu Phillipsstd22hh2gyyNursery 3
Mayo Adewalestd25k0kprdNursery 3

Any questions?

Any questions feel free to call the support line from the school